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Hotel Amenities & Loose Items
Bedding set, blanket, bolster, pillow, quilt & comforter, bathrobe, towel
Guest room accessories
Dustbin, mineral water, mug & cup, cutlery, slippers
Décor items
Artificial plant, table lamp, ornament, carpet, artwork
Toothbrush set, hair & body wash set, conditioner, hand soap, comb, shaver, sanitary bag
Conference room furniture
Conference desk with modesty panel, office chair, mobile stage, mobile step riser
Sanitary ware
Basin, rain shower, wall mounted hair dryer, anti-fog mirror
Housekeeping supplies
Laundry trolley, chambermaid trolley, ironing board, toilet roll
Public area items
Luggage trolley, statue, carpet, queue up stand, valet podium
Loose furniture
Sofa, coffee table, stool, chair, bed frame, mattress, side table
Hotel uniforms
Customized staff uniform
Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Supplies
Cutlery, glass, mug & cup, chinaware
Serving ware
Tray, serving plate, strainer, ladle, food pan, chafing dish
Professional cookware
Cooking pot, frying pan, wok
Strainer, ladle, food clipper, spatula, soup pot
Storage & trolley
food trolley, mobile trolley, utility cart, dish collecting cart
Restaurant furniture
Dining table, dining chair, cocktail table, bar stool, baby chair
Janitorial supplies
Napkin, tissue, dustbin, broom & dustpan
Staff uniforms
Customized staff uniform
Cutlery, glass, cup & mug, wine opener, Chinaware
Banquet linen
Table cover & skirting
Serving ware
Serving tray, serving bowl, serving plate, jug, lazy susan
Food trolley, dish collecting cart
Banquet furniture
Dining table, dining chair, baby chair, cocktail table
Banquet uniforms
Customized banquet uniform
Tailored Supplies
Fiberglass dinosaur
Life size dinosaur statue
Stone statue
Traditional Chinese ornament
Metal statue
Different types of metal sculpture
Chinese soup urn
Large soup urn that contains soup bowls for boiling
Food industry machinery
Vegetable chopping machine, mixing machine and more
Temple roof tiles
Chinese temple roof tile
Religious items
Chinese religious sedan
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